Monday, December 22, 2008

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

First off we would just like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. We are so luck to have such amazing family and friends. We hope all of you have safe and happy holiday season!

You can never see Santa to many times right? Well we had Santa, aka Grandpa/Papa/Howie/My dad! come up to our house for all the grand kids. It was so much fun, My dad was the perfect Santa he had all of us laughing so hard. Thanks dad your the best! He are some picture of this special occasion.

This is my nephew Terron. He is the oldest grand kid so he got to go first, he is holding a boot thanks to Santa. Santa explained that times are hard right know and that our Country is in a recession. He also told Terron to hold on to hope and that hopefully next year Santa would bring him the other boot.:)

This is Maci, She loves Santa and was so excited to tell him all her Christmas Wish List.

Here are the two boys both thought Santa was Cool, but they still weren't to sure of the guy in the big red suit.

Deighton however was not having anything to do with Santa, until Santa pulled from his magic sack a special treat for him. That calmed him down just long enough to get his goodies and get the heck off his lap!

Conner sat with Santa but wouldn't look at any one! He is at that age were if he can't see you, you can't see him! Wish that worked when you got older! haha
All the grand kids, minus Eilee!
Thanks Dad we all had fun!
Grandma stealing kisses from Santa
Hunt Family
Coor Family


Jonesey said...

ok hey thank for commenting back!! lol noah and sawyer always talk about how you were their teachers and stuff they will never forget u lol! thank you and i wish ur family a very merry christmas!

The Martin Family said...

hey guys we have decided to have dinner at my house on the 27th @ 6pm. So far Skyler and Kassie and Ty and Traci Sherwood are the only ones coming. Traci and I are both Making soup, (we were going to have pot luck soup) Let me know if you guys will be coming, we would love to have you and I am sure Skyler and Kassie would love to see you.

Amber & Glenn Lovelace said...

Finally Im coming to your blog to check out your background.. I like it. Its cute but you have to change it now that its not christmas anymore! :) hope you are still planning on coming.Im excited to see your butt in Utah.. :) Love ya