Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Its about time!

OK time for another LONG over due update! Here are picture of Christmas and everything in between. This self portrait of Devin is him leaving to the Rose Bowl game(I think that's what game it was?) he wouldn't take the camera so this is the only picture I have! Hope all is well with everyone, I sure have been enjoying your updates!

I had a great idea to go snow tubing one Saturday. Sheridan and her kids came, Kenz and Dakota, Rayna, Aaron and their kids, Devin, Conner and I. The day started out late but we finally got on our way. We were not really sure were Sky High Retreat was. So Devin turned down this other road and the truck got so stuck. We spent half the day getting it unstuck. Finally we left and took the kids sledding and left Devin waiting for his dad to come and pull us out! All Devin could say is, "it sucks getting pulled out by a ford!" At least his dad got a kick out of it! All in all it was an adventure! Thanks everybody for coming we need to plan another one!

Um I don't think this is going to work!?! At least he's still smiling:)
This is Devin looking for some way to get us unstuck!
For New Years we hung out with the Owen's and Tenney's. The girls all enjoyed playing games while the boys watched tv and talked! HAPPY NEW YEAR

Tenney Family, Chandler stayed awake till midnight!

Christmas this year found us all happy and well. We hope everyone else had a great Christmas too. It was so fun on Christmas morning when Conner woke up. I had the video camera trying to stay in front of him but he just barrelled to the front room. Once he say the tree and his presents he just stopped and stared and finally said wooooo! It was the best Christmas yet!

The Hunt Family on Christmas

Conner on Christmas morning in his red pj!

Wood Cousins and the foreign exchange kids!

Here is a picture of the three of us! I just had to put the 2ND picture on cause that is how it really is!!!! Love you girls!


BrImHaLl FaMiLy said...

Awsome! I love family time! I wish I could see my sisters more.

Amber & Glenn Lovelace said...

jo you are gay! ha that picture is redamndiculous! Ha i love you guys!!