Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Corbin Mills Wood Has Arrived:)

Finally after months of waiting Corbin arrived on 9/23/09 at 4:38pm
Minutes after being born!
Corbin Weighed in at 7.7 and was 20 inches long.
Getting ready to leave the hospital.
The1st night home this is what Conner was doing...

Looking down on Corbin trying to figure out what this baby is doing here
Devin with his boys.

Conner giving Corbin a kiss goodnight

After his 1st bath at home

So precious:)

Conner Being a big help!
We fill so blessed to have another little boy in our home! SO far Conner is adjusting to his brother and is a doing better then we both thought! Corbin is a big eater and only lost 3 ounces off his birth weight and has since put it all back on. He is a healthy and happy little boy. He has already found is hands and constantly is wanting to suck on them! Thanks to everyone that has sent warm wishes, helped with Conner and been here for us!