Friday, November 21, 2008

A few weeks ago we took Conner to the Phoenix Zoo. Conners favorite animals where the pigeons in the parking lot, the Parrots(I'm guessing cause they are loud) and the goats at the petting zoo. Devin chased the pigeon with Conner in the stroller and the birds just stayed a little in front, Conner thought it was the funnest thing he has ever seen. The weather was perfect and Conner was really good. He fell asleep before we saw the Lions and the Zebras but over all we all had a good time.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Quick Update

hAlLoWeEn! 2008

We Had such a busy Oct, we didn't carve our pumpkins till Halloween day, but it worked out perfect cause the weather was so beautiful. Conner really didn't like cleaning the pumpkin out he preferred taking all the little knives and carving stuff and scattering it around the yard. Afterwards we went to Taylor and saw all the grandparents, then Conner and his cousins went to a trunk or treat, then we had a party at LSFD, Conner loved the bean bag game. When ever the older kids would throw them through the whole he would hurry and get them so he could throw them too! He came home with a tone of candy and 10 gold fish for the pond.
Hunt Cousins
The Bean Bag Game

No thanks this isn't for ME!
uHaT tRiP
Conner and I also go to fly to Utah and see Amber, Glenn and Tyce! It was a really fast short trip but I am so glad that we got to go. We had a blast and can't wait till we can do it again! Amber has the cutest house and lives by an amazing craft store, its kinda like poppies but way more affordable! I was a little nervous when I pulled up to Taylor Airport and saw the plan we would be flying in... Needless to say Jarod was an amazing pilot and got us home safely, Thanks Amber for having us

a DaY aLoNe
And Last but not least Devin and I took a day and just spent it together, Devin has never been to the Grand Canyon so we took a drive to see it! It was alot of fun just spending the day together and we really needed it! Afterwards we went back into Flag and ate and did some shopping. A BIG thanks to my wonderful sister in laws, Brette, Shay and Mckenzi and my mother in law for taking such good care of Conner, spoiling him rotten and giving him his 1st Happy Meal. You guys are awesome!
Just what you all want to see:)


I was tagged by Amber and Brette. The rules are to take pictures of everything as prepping first. So here it goes finally!

1. My kitchen sink:

2.) My Favorite Room:

3.)My Refrigerator:
don't laugh it's been a busy week and we haven't been home much!

4.) My Favorite Shoes:

5.)My Laundry:

6.)My Closet:

7.)My latest grocery purchase:
We've been busy canning this week and this is the last thing I bought!

8.)What my child is doing right now:
Getting into things he knows he is not suppose to be in:)

9.)Fantasy Vacation:
I will probable never go to Egypt but I have always thought it would be really fun to see all the pyramids! Other than that I am a beach person!

10.)Self Portrait:

ok I was also tagged for the 4th file & the 4th picture on my computer! Here it Is:)
And last but not least on the tags the EIGHT TAG...
8 things I am passionate about....
1. Conner
2. Devin
3. My Religion
4. Family
5. Pictures
6. Scrapbooking
7. Holidays
8. Friends
8 words or phrases I use all the time
1. Good Morning!
2. I love you
3. Conner get out of there
4. Conner get down from there
5. throw that in the trash
6. lets go!
7. whats going on
8. good job!!!
8 things I want to do before I die
1. Travel alot
2. Make tons of memories
3. Have more kids
4. Enjoy my backyard
5. be debt-free
6. learn lots of stuff
7. set a good example for my children
8. life a happy life
8 things I want or need
1. love
2. My family
3. a warm place to live
4. food!
5. Friends
6. endless supple of money:)
7. the church
8. Faith
8 places I would like to visit
1. Fiji
2. Alaska
3. Egypt
4. The Bahama's
5. The Red Wood Forest
6. Mt. Rushmore
7. Nauvoo
8. Yosemite
8 restaurants I love
1. The Sweet Tomato
2. Costa Vida
3. Olive Garden
4. Bahama Bucks
5. Cold Stone Creamery
6. Trapper's
7. In and Out
8. Red Lobster
8 shows I like to watch
1. One Tree Hill
2. The Young and The Restless
3. Privileged
4. American Idol
5. Americas next top model
6. 90210, the new series
7. Fox 10 news
8. Dr. 90210
8 people I tag (for both posts)
1. Brette
2. Amber
3. Rayna
4. Tara M
5. Sheridan
6. Teresa
7. Camalee
8. Jenn W