Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Oct 09

WOW time is going so fast. I cant believe how cold it got and it has already snowed! And now its been so warm for the last 2 days. Summer I already miss you:(

Corbin is growing so fast, at a 1/2lbs a week. If he keeps this up he will be weighing 20lbs by 7 months!

He is now 6 weeks old and is starting to smile and watch us. He is a constant wiggle worm.
We can't tell what color of eyes he is going to have. They honestly change every day.

Of course we carved pumpkins! Conner wanted to take all the knives and cutting stuff but would not help take all the guts out of the pumpkin, Devin put some on Conner's arm and he froze and sat there scream till we took it off of him. He kept looking at the pumpkin and saying yuke!
Our little Halloweeners
Devin's grandparents are home from their mission in the Philippians! YEAH! They got to come home a few weeks early so we were very excited about that. Devin went to the airport and welcomed them home at midnight. Grandpa West brought Conner some cars, planes and a fire truck so he was more than happy and Corbin got to meet the man he was named after
here are some random picture of the boys bonding! Conner is doing pretty well with his little brother. He makes sure I don't forget him and is always putting a little toy on him while he sleeps. His favorite thing to do is do drive bys and steal Corbins bink or see if he can jump over him while I change Corbin's diaper! Its never ending but I love it..most days that is!:)

Here is Conner's little face all scabbed over! Amber pushed him down out side and his nose caught him! j/k but she was watching him!
Amber came to town! And we were able to hang out for the day, it got a little crazy with all the kiddos running around but we just let them run wild so we could visit and get haircuts. I love getting together and catching up.