Friday, February 22, 2008

Road Trip?

OK, So Devin has been wanting a new truck for a while. Since November he has been searching the Internet and driving me crazy. Well on Friday he was at work and called me and said, "I found it" , then he said,"its in Georgia" What!!!! Needless to say we left Saturday morning and drove 1,850 miles. We went through 8 states and dodge tornado's the whole way. We made it in two days. Conner was such a little trooper. When got to the motels at night he was a wild man, glad to be out of the car seat! On the way home we took our time. We went to 3 different Hard Rocks, The Georgia Aquarium (awesome), Atlanta Olympic Park, Saw the home towns of Garth Brooks, Carry Underwood and Elvis Presley, Crossed over the Mississippi River, Saw the Largest cross in the Western Hemisphere(wow high lite of our trip! :)). Conner learned to clap his hands when we said yea and he decide that he loved red vines! We got to see the after maths of several tornado's, which was really cool! Total round trip was just under 3,800 miles. I asked Devin if it was worth it and he said that he would do it again! If any one is thinking of a road trip I recommend a navigator. I now agree with Traci they are the greatest thing every. One thing about the east coast it was green and warm. WE are ready for summer!

Pictures from our Trip:)