Sunday, October 12, 2008

Good bye Wisdom Teeth

On Thursday I went and had my wisdom teeth removed, The whole thing wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. The shots where the worst and the goofy gas was amazing haha. Devin went with me and stayed in the room the whole time. As they were working on my teeth I could hear them talking and I knew what was going on but I just couldn't get my body to corporate with my mind. I can't remember what they said but I remember starting to laugh and I just couldn't stop and then I started snorting uncontrollable. In my mind I was telling my self to stop, but I just couldn't. Needless to say the dentist turned down the goofy gas! HAHA Devin got a huge kick out of the whole thing! My face is really swollen and my wonderful brother in law Aaron thinks I look like John McCain, gotta love honesty! But the upside to all this is all the milk shakes and being waited on hand and foot. Thanks Devin for always humoring me, your the best!

Friday, October 3, 2008

The Great Out Doors

Over the weekend we went up to greens peak to camp. I love this time of year when all the leaves change colors! We enjoyed all the normal camp stuff. Cobbler, great food, four wheeler rides, camp smoke, shooting guns, good visits, card games(yes I married into a family that cheats at cards more than I do:-)) and my new favorite thing, squirrel hunting( who knew that it could be so fun!) and lots of relaxing! Devin and I missed place the keys to our camper and spent a few hours looking for them and a drive back up to the top of greens peak to make sure they didn't get kicked out! After all the searching we found them on the hook in the trailer where they belonged!!! Conner's little coat was hiding them haha gotta love that! Then we had a blow out on our trailer on the way home. But the boys had it fixed in no time. Thanks every body for the fun!

The leaves starting to turn red! This picture is for Grandma and Grandpa West
Shooting Clay's AR something, he thinks everyone needs one for home land security

My beautiful sister in laws
Conner already has such a mind of his own
On Top of Greens Peak
Kids are never to old to get a good punch to the face by their father
This is Conner's favorite thing
We love shooting together
Fixing the Tire on the side of the road Devin has it figured out, he's letting his dad do all the work while he supervises!

One more thing, I know this post is getting so long but hey when you only post once a month... Conner had his first ER visit a couple of Sundays ago. I was out in the yard feeding the fish and all of a sudden he starts crying. When I got over to him blood was coming out of his toe and he had a huge blood blister on the bottom of his toe. Devin was already over in the ER so I drove the 1000 feet to the hospital to let Dev look at it. Needless to say him and all the nursers thought he needed to be checked out. I was think "I am not taking Conner to the ER for a blood blister" so I started to leave and Devin was standing at the the glass doors with disgusted look on his face, so I thought well I'll just call Conner's pediatrician. Needless to say the Doc thought I should take him in for xrays and stuff. So I unbuckled Conner and took him in. Devin was really getting upset with me at this point I believe he said something like this, "oh you'll bring him in when the Doc tells you to but you wont when I do" haha anyways Conner had xrays and they decided that he may have a fracture on his toe but it was to swollen to see, his growth plates where shifted, his big toe nail may fall off and the blood blister on the bottom of his toe will heal on its own. So they taped his little toes up sent us with some antibiotics and home we came. By that night he was walking and jumping around like normal! Thank heavens!
The Damage
Conner was taking really good care in the hospital be all the ER staff! Especially this one