Thursday, August 14, 2008

Professional Fire Fighter or Pyro

Ok so we have been working on our back yard all summer. We finally put up our privacy fence, put in the sprinkler system, planted grass and just cleaned up the yard a ton! We had a huge pile of trees weeds and other stuff to burn. I kept telling Dev that we need to burn it before we put in the VINYL fence up. And this is what he would say to me, "dear I'm a fire fighter, trust me its fine" I did how ever talk him into hauling some of it off. So when the day came to burn it all he took his GAS can and little liter out there and lit the pile on firer and most of HIS leg hairs! Our vinyl fence started to melt, so my job for the day about 6 hours or so was to water down the fence! The pile burned for 2 days and a week later when it started raining it begun smoking again, so under all the ash its still hot! And as for Devin's leg hair, he ended up shaving from his knees down. Oh well at least the yard looks better:)