Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Break

This year for spring break we didn't do much! Due to all the problems the boarders are having we choose not to go to Mexico. I was bumbed! So we took a few days and went to Roosevelt looking for warmer weather. While we were there we played a ton of card, drank way to much jones soda, road 4 wheeler, skipped rocks in the creek and went down to the lake. It was still cold and a little windy so we never made it out on the lake. Conner was watching Devin skip rocks and tried to do it too, poor little guy fell in and soaked the front of himself! After a change of clothes and a sweater he was all smiles again!

Monday, April 6, 2009


So Devin has decided that he thinks it would be fun to be a teacher! This boy has so much ambition. He is always starting or learning something new! I am so thankful that most of his little hobbies and ideas make money! Devin has starting teaching CPR and really enjoys it most of the time! He loves all the people that he gets to meet and the things that he learns from them. Especially the elderly people he thinks there the greatest! He always comes home and tells me all the stories and things they have told him. Here are some pictures from one of his classes

Stitch Him UP!

Oh Conner! Boys are such a mess! The other night about 9 pm I was brushing my teeth and getting ready for bed. Devin was on Skype talking to his grandparents who are on a mission. Conner of course was bouncing back and forth between what I was doing and what daddy was doing. All of a sudden I hear a ear piercing scream. I finishing brushing my teeth and think to myself... what did he get into now! As I came out of my bedroom I am greeted by blood all over the hall way tile. Needless to say Conner needed stitches! He had fallen from one chair into the leg of another chair and cut is little forehead open. Thank Heaven for great Doctors! Dr. Brady stitched him up in his living room that night. Conner screamed through the whole thing but once we let him up he was fine. He was more concerned about the band aid and strings that he now had on his face! The hardest part was trying to keep him from picking at them!