Monday, April 6, 2009


So Devin has decided that he thinks it would be fun to be a teacher! This boy has so much ambition. He is always starting or learning something new! I am so thankful that most of his little hobbies and ideas make money! Devin has starting teaching CPR and really enjoys it most of the time! He loves all the people that he gets to meet and the things that he learns from them. Especially the elderly people he thinks there the greatest! He always comes home and tells me all the stories and things they have told him. Here are some pictures from one of his classes

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Brette said...

I heard about this. Good for him. The extra money is nice too!! Seems as if Devin always has something up his sleeve. I can't believe Conner!! What in the world are you going to do with that boy? He's not even 2 yet and he's had more battle wounds then ever. Everytime I see him he has a smashed finger or toe, bruise on his head, or a scrath somewhere. 100% all boy, that's for sure!!