Thursday, April 10, 2008

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Over the weekend we made a quick trip for 4 days to Disneyland with the Hunt Family. Conner had a lot of fun with all his cousins. It was so fun to watch him on the rides. I think his favorite was one of the monster inc rides. It was kind of a bumber cause he was asleep when we went to Toon Town so he missed out on seeing all the characters, but we was awake in adventure land and saw Pooh, Tiger and Eor. And he loved them he just kept staring up at them and flapping his arms in excitement. All in all we had a great time, but next time we are going to go longer. It just to hard to try and see everything in 2 days with so many kids. My feet were killing! Devin got to see Huntington Beach for the first time and he just wanted to stay and play in the water. On the plane ride home I think we may have had a 1st time pilot. From take off to landing it was a ride! Thanks for all the fun everyone.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


We are back from Mexico, And I'm so ready to go back. We got home late Sunday night and the wind was blowing and it is freezing. We got to enjoy 9 warm days on the beaches of rocky Point. We had a lot of fun! Conner loved the sand, the first day all he wanted to do was eat it, so finally we let him. After two handfuls he decide sand was more fun to play in than eat! We all dragged our 5th wheels down and stayed right on the beach. I was not overly excited to be stying in the campers but it was so much fun, I can't wait till next year. We had some amazing food. The fresh shrimp and tortillas are so good! I have never ate so many tortillas. We road the banana boats and let me tell you I was the champion at falling off, although Brette was pretty close to beating me! Devin bought a skim board and it was fun watching every body try to ride it. We road 4 wheelers, shopped, ate, pool hoped, let off fire works and just relaxed. Thanks everyone for the fun Times!