Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A quick trip

For Valentines this year Devin suprised me with an early quick trip to Utah. He got me out of Sharing time and working for my mom! Which was nice! (Thanks Sandi! I owe you:)) We stayed with Amber and Glenn and they watched Conner while we went to Salt Lake. We did a session in the Salt Lake Temple, which is beautiful! Then ate lunch at the JS Building. My lunch was so good, Devin's not so much! But the coconut shrimp was amazing! We also took Conner to the Draper Temple open house! All these Temples are so big compared to the Snowflake! Amber and Glenn both got sick so we left early and stayed in Moab, which turned out to be a good thing since we hit storms most of the way home. Thanks Amber and Glenn we sure hope you guys are filling better! And Thanks Devin for planning this last minute get away! for what ever reason this is the only picture I have of the whole weekend! Yes is was COLD!!!!