Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happy 25th Devin

Devin had his 25th Birthday last week. We had a BBQ at our house with some friends and family with a ton of food! Devins big gift this year was a .40 pistol, (I think that's what its called:)) Devin's parents were bringing it to the party, so the only present that I had at our house for him was a box of bullets and of course I couldn't let him open those until he got the gun. Needless to say it drove him nuts all day not to be able to open "his" birthday gift!

Happy Birthday Devin!!

Also we are still working on the backyard the never ending project. But our pond is done!!!!! YEAH, We have the plants planted all the rocks around the pond, the waterfall going and the fish in! For some reason the little fish keep dieing. The grass has some bare spots but its coming in and we couldn't be more excited!!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

August is Gone

I can't believe that summer is already over. I love the long day hot days and all the outdoor fun, Here are some pictures of our August days. We got Conners one year pictures, he was so tired and grumpy but some of them did turn out cute! We took another trip down to Mexico. The water was perfect! We spent the days on the beach playing in the sand and water, riding jets skies, making cobbler and letting off fire works and just relaxing. I love Mexico!
Conner found that he loves corn on the cob. Its really entertaining to watch him eat it. And last but not least we are still working on the back yard, we got the pond and the waterfall in and the grass planted. I can't believe how fast its growing it already ready to be mowed! We are really going to enjoy our backyard next summer! Hope everyone else had a great summer!
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