Thursday, May 14, 2009

Chili Cook Off

Raising the Flag
Serving his Chili

The winners
Over the past weekend LSFD did their 50 year Celebration. They had their annual chili cook off and this year Devin wanted to do it. SO for the past few weeks he has been thinking and talking about it a lot! He's Grandparents taught him how to make their chili, which is Devin's all time favorite! So the big weekend came (Dev was up several times that night checking things) and he took 3rd! YEAH He is already making plans for next year:) It was a lot of fun Conner got to play outside and do all the fun kid games that they had. They had a "burning house" that the kids got to "put out" once conner figured out the nozzle he kept stilling the hose everyone time the other kids would put it down. Then he'd run over to the prize person and get another toy. I think we over all we put back about 50 toys! LOL it was fun though
This is LSFD's 1st truck. If anyone would like to donate $ or parts please contact Lakeside Fire!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Big Congrats to Grandpa!!!

Over the weekend we headed to Mesa to Clay's graduation! He graduated on Saturday at Chase field from Grand Canyon University with his Bachelors Degree! We are all very proud of him and the hard work and dedication that he has put into completing it! GOOD JOB GRANDPA!!!!

April update!

Here are some pictures of what we have been up to. We had a good Easter, Conner loved coloring the eggs and cracking as many as he could even on his head! Aaden how ever had it all figured out and kept telling Conner not to do that! We got to spend Easter with both families. Clay also celebrated his birthday and had an unforgettable cake:) (sorry no pictures) We took Conner to the park to feed the ducks and just enjoy the warmer weather. Conner thought they were pretty cool and loved how they came to him when her threw the bread. Devin and I decided to give Conner his birthday present several months early since the weather has been so Dev wanted it out of his garage! So we set up the tramp and Conner tells me every day MOM JUMP MOM JUMP as he is tugging on the back door! Devin helped out with a school bus safely Assembly, he was Baxter the raccoon. He had fun dancing around on his tail and head and just being funny with all the kids, Conner to thought it was pretty net. We went and watched three different assemblies!