Monday, April 6, 2009

Stitch Him UP!

Oh Conner! Boys are such a mess! The other night about 9 pm I was brushing my teeth and getting ready for bed. Devin was on Skype talking to his grandparents who are on a mission. Conner of course was bouncing back and forth between what I was doing and what daddy was doing. All of a sudden I hear a ear piercing scream. I finishing brushing my teeth and think to myself... what did he get into now! As I came out of my bedroom I am greeted by blood all over the hall way tile. Needless to say Conner needed stitches! He had fallen from one chair into the leg of another chair and cut is little forehead open. Thank Heaven for great Doctors! Dr. Brady stitched him up in his living room that night. Conner screamed through the whole thing but once we let him up he was fine. He was more concerned about the band aid and strings that he now had on his face! The hardest part was trying to keep him from picking at them!

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BrImHaLl FaMiLy said...

Ouch! Poor baby! Boys!!