Friday, November 21, 2008

A few weeks ago we took Conner to the Phoenix Zoo. Conners favorite animals where the pigeons in the parking lot, the Parrots(I'm guessing cause they are loud) and the goats at the petting zoo. Devin chased the pigeon with Conner in the stroller and the birds just stayed a little in front, Conner thought it was the funnest thing he has ever seen. The weather was perfect and Conner was really good. He fell asleep before we saw the Lions and the Zebras but over all we all had a good time.


Brette said...

Email me those pictures already! Your slacking? Although I would be too if I had to watch Conner all day! He's a hand full. It was fun seeing you guys. I just can't ever get enough of Conner, soo maybe another babysitting day in the near future? You still have to go to the doctor for your umm "surgery" remember? I think that would be a perfect day!

Our Mission said...

We just love you blog, thanks for the pictures. It realy helps us keep in touch even being so far away. Love you all

Taylor jones said...

hey, this is taylor jones, noah and sawyer's older sister and i love your blog it's soo amazing. I just wanted to let you know that i babysit. I have alot of exsperience babysitting my twin brother quade who's handycapped. I just wanted to let you know that i would love to babysit for you.

~Taylor Jones~
my e-mail address is and if you need to call me just talk to my mom or something!!! please sugjust me for babysitting connor, he is sooo.... cute!!!