Saturday, December 20, 2008

the BIG red FIRE truck

It's starting to look like Christmas... I bundled Conner up in ever pair of long johns he owns and put him in his wind pants! Haha he reminded my of the kid off the Christmas Story, He didn't really care for the snow yet, I think the crunch under his feet threw him off, but it was fun watching him walk around with the look of "what the heck" on his face!
The other day I helped Rayna and Aaron out and watched Aadon ALL DAY! Besides getting peed on, a few little fights and a couple of time outs the boys had a lot of fun together. I even went to the store with them and the both did really good. Afterwards we went to the Fire Dept to see Devin and show Aadon, "the BIG red fire trucks" as he so bluntly put it all day:) He was in Heaven at first seeing so many truck together. Dev let the boys crawl all over the trucks, put on the helmet and head phone. Then Conner pushed the buttons to turn the sirens on and Aadon was not impressed. He yelled at Conner and said, "Conner, no touching the noise, NO NOISE Conner"! Aadon wouldn't get back in the trucks till Devin assured him they would not go off again. When we left I asked Aadon if he had fun and he told me he did, but "he no like the noise and lights that Conner did"! HAHA they are so fun at this age.


The Coor's said...

Thank you again so much. It was so much easier shopping without him. I owe you. You need to forward those pictures pictures to me or get me copies so I can scrapbook them, they are awesome!!!

Brette said...

haha this was funny. They act like brothers. I'm working on an update. Were just pretty boring over here in Sedona! You did two in one month! Your on a roll now!