Monday, June 29, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Over the Memorial Weekend we had our Hunt Reunion out by Heber it is always fun to see all the family that we hardly see. Conner had a really tuff weekend. Besides his normal falling into everything and getting hurt, he got bit by a dog on his left eye. It looked so bad for a few days but then healed right up. He looks so rough in the pictures! My Uncle Willard also passed away. At his funeral they were telling some story's of Willard and they made me laugh, I have not thought of many of the funny time I have had with Willard in years! We will miss him, but I am grateful for the knowledge that I have and know that he is whole and happy and that we will all be together again.

Grandpa had his 83rd Birthday I love this guy he is seriously amazing!

We went on a 4 wheel ride and it was insane. I think there was like 20 something bikes that went! Conner Loves Loves Loves rides!

Conner with Cousins

Devin with his sister in Laws

Nikki, Rayna, Aleesa Jolynn and Becki

Amber, Tyce, Jolynn,Conner, Sheridan and Chandler. I love it when
Amber comes to town. We always get together and have so much fun, I wish you lived here!
Conner and Aaden Playing in the backyard!

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