Monday, June 29, 2009

Conner Turns 2

New Born

3 months

6 Months
1 Year 18 Months
Conner on his 2ND Birthday woke up to a bed full of Balloons
Happy Birthday Conner. For Conner's 2ND Birthday we took him to San Diego. We sent the week on the beach, at Disneyland, Knottsberry Farms and Sea World. He had lots of visitors. The Wood Family came the 1st part of the week and the Hunt Family came the last part of the week. Conner loved all the rides at Disney, knots and Sea World. At the end of each ride he just wanted to stay on, the kid has not fear. He loved giving all the characters hugs and swimming in the the pool. The place that we stayed had a huge koi pool with tones of huge fish, he loved go past the fish and feeding them.
Conner's Favorite things at 2:
Loves dogs, cars, balloons, balls, pushing the stroller around, baths, kids, hot dogs otter pops, he as one speed and its run, run run! Loves to play in the laundry, jump on the tramp, slide, swing and 4 wheeler rides
Favorite things to say:
mom over and over, dad over and over, where going, what doing, Pook, Ball, ahooo, oweee, night night, luv you, bye, there it is.
Favorite movies:
Cars, Meet the Robinson's, The penguins of Madagascar, Nemo, Duck Tales and the Mickey Mouse Club House.


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