Thursday, July 3, 2008

Called to serve

Over the past week we have spent a lot of time with Devins Grandma and Grandpa West, They have been called to serve a mission in the Philippians. We are all so excited for them and grateful for the wonderful example they always set for us! This is a picture of our last good bye to them as the get ready to head to security. I wish I had pictures of are ride to the airport. They Whole family decided to see them off at the airport. So that means that we had a lot of cars following each other, it was so funny to see everyone try to make it throw all the lights and keep up! When we left Dave and Raelynns house it reminded me of the movie, Home Alone, when they all wake up late an rush out the door! That was us:-) Thanks again to Dave and Raelynn for letting us crash your house, we had so much fun visiting, shipping and swimming! And to Austin for the great breakfast!


Granny and Grandpa West said...

Hey! good job on the pictures, save them for us. Love it!

Brette said...

Shay said you have a new post for me. Aren't you just the sweetest sister in law :) Soo my back has been peeling all week long from our little swim in the pool! Anyway, I had fun. It was fun to actually spend a weekend with you guys! We haven't spent that much time together since Mexico. Nate and I are coming up for the 24th. Consider you guys already booked for that weekend.