Monday, July 21, 2008

a bit of an update!

Well over the 4th of July weekend they Whole Hunt Family was able to get together. It was cool to see everyone and get pictures together, we haven't done that for about 13 years!

After ward we went to the show low fire works, Devin was covering for Show Low fire since they sets off the fire works, they had a huge BBQ, They got a call but made it back right before the fire works. Conner wasn't to sure what to think of the Fire works they would go off and he would watch them and then look at us, like what are those, we just kept clapping and saying yahhhh, He decided they were boring and slept through most of them!

Then the following night we went to the Taylor Fire works, It was so funny Conner and Aaden where playing on the grass together, when the light s went off Conner just kept playing then all of a sudden the first fire work went off and Conner frozen momentarily and then leaped into our arms. Aaden scrambled under the blanket and said, "mommy me scared!" It was so cute, Both boys were asleep with in the first 5 minutes!

Happy 4th of July every one!!!!

Over the past 2 weeks we have been watching Kenz play all stars, Their team won district in Taylor and are now playing for state in Cottonwood. The girls have been doing really good, Kenz has been sick and throwing up but she still gets out there and plays... what a trooper! Tomorrow they play for championship if they win its on to Nationals in Vancouver WA!!!! I tried to add a slide show but it keeps giving me a HTML error!

Devin and I also had our 5 year anniversary. He has been out on a wild land assignment in CA for 8 days and made it home the day of our anniversary! The last 5 years have flown by I'm so grateful for the amazing husband and father Devin is. Love you babe!

And last of all here are some fire pictures from CA. Devin brought back a pine cone that is over 17 inches long! It is the biggest pine cone I've ever seen! Here is Devin with the crew he went with Dennis, Devin, Kerry and Craig


Stacy said...

Wow you guys have had one busy summer! It looks like you are having a blast!

Brette said...

oooh we like updates!! Ok so Devin's face where your in Taylor watching the fire works is cracking me up! I can't stop laughing at it, "oooooowwww". haha funny. Anyway, get that dang slide show up women!! I need to steal some pictures from you. Well see you guys tonight at the game!