Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Memorial Weekend

First off Congratulations to Shay. She graduated from SHS on Friday night. We had a dinner for her and opened gifts and then off to watch her grad. I was so glad that they moved it inside the gym! I was planning on sitting in the truck, freezing my butt off with a little one is just not what I call fun. We are so proud of Shay, not only did she graduate high school but she will also have her Associates Degree at the end of this summer. Her plan for now I think is to go into nursing or something medical! She will also be testing for her EMT sometime this month!

After the Graduation we headed out toward Heber and went camping with the Hunt Family! I am a warm weather camper, but even though it was a little cold we still all had a great time. A lot of the Hunt Family was there so it was fun to see aunts and cousins I dont get to see often. We spent the day riding quads, playing horse shoes and of course eating!


Teresa :) said...

Hey there Jo. Thanks for letting us bombard your family reunion, it was fun. We need to plan a weekend to go out with every body again. What would work for you guys?

Brette said...

Shay is such a smarty pants! I can't get over how big Conner looks with his new hair cut. You did a fabulous job taking them out! Although on that second set the words of Dr. Flake, "slow and steady" went out the window! haha It was fun seeing you guys. Too bad I live so far away :( Someday i'll talk Nate into moving closer. Can you believe they left us for Austrailia! How rude huh!

Brette said...

Happy Birthday to my handsome little man!! I can't believe he's already 1. Can't wait to see him in a few weeks.