Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hair Cut

Conner finally got a hair cut. For a little Blondie he sure had a lot of hair. Devin's Grandma Wood cut it for us and did such a good job. To keep him still we just kept giving him food. He did pretty good until she tried to cut around his ears, he would reach his hand up and push the scissors away. Here are before and after pictures. He looks so much older to us now:) Thanks Grandma!


Traci said...

O.k. so he looks even cuter than he already was. (If that is possible). I love the pictures.

Brette said...

He is just too cute!! He looks like a little man now! Grandma did really good considering she still can't see very well!

Amber & Glenn Lovelace said...

Hey Jo- Ya no love yesterday. I didnt get over to my neighbors to jump on their tramp. Lastnight I kept waking up thinking and hoping maybe something would happen and I would have to go to the hospital. But no love. So lets just hope hes ready by this weekend. You want to fly into Salt Lake City airport. I will look for you guys to see what I can find. Im so excited to see you girls!