Wednesday, November 21, 2007

We've Been Tagged!, Thanks Brette

Well I thought that it would be more fun to do
6 FACTS about us so here they are...

1. Devin and I both had huge crushed on each other in high school. We tried the dating thing once and it didn't go to well. After that we acted like we hated each other, me, I was to hurt, and Devin was to mad to admit that we still liked each other. The funny thing is that when ever I needed anything I always called Devin and he was ALWAYS there! None of our friend knew, Devin told his friends that I was a.... (you fill in the blank) and I told mine that he was a jerk.

2. Devin loves to tinker... Even when its not broke he thinks he needs to"fix"it! He loves to find things that need to be improved. Like just today, he rearranged our storage compartments in our 5Th wheel and made a laundry soot. Yep I have a laundry soot in my camper! Lucky I know :)

3. I'm a tight wad. I hate spending money. At fast food restaurants I only buy off the dollar menu. And I still think that I am getting ripped off. Devin says that when i fart penny's fall out of my butt!!!! I now know why I am tight with money, its because Devin is so lose. He thinks that he is Mr. money bags. Its a good balance:)

4. Devin has a sock feddish. Yep a sock feddish. I know every time I send him to walmart he'll come home with a new pair of socks. The other day he came home with 20 pairs. He claimed that they were all on sale and he got a great deal. It makes me laugh but he takes his socks very serious. He even used part of his clothing allowance from the station to buy socks. 5 pair of socks for 75 bucks!

5. I love to be a mom. Its honestly the best thing in the world. I love to sleep in and be waited on, but Conner doesn't see the need for that! When he wakes up at 6:30 in the morning with a huge smile, just waiting for the day to start it makes me so happy! I love every minute of being his mom.

6. Devin and I love to go on vacation. Most of the time its last minute. Last year on Easter weekend we had a couple of days off, so we thought we would go to the valley to do some shopping. Well we never made it to the mall. Instead we drove into Sky Harbor and went to the 1st ticket counter we saw and bought plan tickets for the 1st plan that was taking off! By that afternoon we were on the beach. We had to go buy clothes cause we just thought we'd be gone for the day! It was one of the funnest vacations we've had.

Well there it is, now I tag... Rayna, Traci and Amber


The Abbott Family Blog said...

Ok the sock thing is soooo freaking funny to me! I love that you are a tight wad and only buy off the dollar menu. I wish I was more like that! See ya later and have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

traci said...

Oh great, now I really have to think. It was fun to read about you. You guys are so cute. Hope you had a goof Thanksgiving. See ya.

Brette said...

A sock fettish?? haha what in the world? That's funny. I'm the tight wad of the family too. I hate spending alot of money on things. Anyway, hope your Thanksgiving was good. We'll see you in a couple of weeks for Christmas!

Jacob & Stacy said...

haha these facts cracked me up. I just loved them. It was so much fun learning more about the two of you.