Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Deer Hunt

The Real Hunters

Skinning Dad's deer
All the Cousins

For the past two weekends we've been camping/hunting with the Hunt Family. Dad, Aleesa, Gavin and Becki all had late bull tags. The weather was really good for the middle of November. We had a great time riding quads, spot lighting, eating, visiting and hunting! I think that this will be the last camp out for this year!


Brette said...

Camping in November... Weren't you guys freezing?! Nice to see Devin getting his hands dirty with that deer. That's definitly not a job for me. Is Conner getting any teeth yet? I have no clue when babies start to teeth.

Amber & Glenn Lovelace said...

Hey Jo- Yes! we are coming today. We will be there late tonight.. I talked to Sheridan and we are planning on doing something together friday. Are you up for the day after thanksgiving early shopping? Does devin work? Plan on it. we can be back by the time conner wakes up. Im excited to see you guys!!

Brette said...

Haha of course he left that part of the story out! He should remember that, and if he doesn't I will gladly remind him! :) At least you guys were able to keep warm and everyone got their deer. In the story about getting shot with a bb gun, I failed to mention that when Devin found out what happend, he came storming out of the house in his underwear, yelling at Skyler. (he was the one that shot me) It didn't phase me because I had scene him in his undies before but i'm sure it was a image that Candace and Kaitlynn will never forget haha. He's funny. You should ask him if he remebers either of those occasions?

traci said...

Congrats on your deer. You were so lucky to have such great weather. Pretty odd for November. I cant wait till next year when maybe I will get a chance to be drawn or even get to go.

The Abbott Family Blog said...

Did you guys have tags too? Sounds like you all had fun. We need to get together and have a scrap book day again and this time you have to come! haha oh and I think we need to talk Nikki into starting one of these!