Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Where Did the Summer Go?

SO I am clearing all the pictures off my camera and decided to update my blog. Most people update as things happen, but I always seem to update a few months at a time!
At the end of June I had the opportunity to go to Lake Powell with one of my favorite people, Amber! And to think that I was not going to go. Thanks to Devin for making all the arrangements for Conner, getting babysitters and pretty much packing my bags on top of changing the oil in my jeep and all the car stuff plus showing me how to change a tire just in case. He gets so nervous when I travel with out him. I am truly thankful for you and ALL the sweet things you are always doing for me. And a Big thanks to Amber for making me go and enjoy myself on a house boat at Lake Powell with no kid and husband! It was so fun to relax and be selfish! Your right I think I liked it too much I am ready for another girls trip! While we were there we enjoyed staying up way later than I have in years sleeping in well after 10, swimming, sun tanning, eating, snaking and playing card oh and lets not forget to mention the night it rained and we all got soaked, (amber called it glorified camping lol) so I'm not sure how she camps but I don't normally sleep wet when I camp! It was an adventure! Although I looked like the beach whale of the group I had an awesome time. Thanks Everybody for watching Conner and to the Busbies for letting me come on their vacation!
The girls and Jordan
This was me leaving the house! I cant believe how hard it was to go with out them!
4th of July
Of course we celebrated the 4th of July! Devin's dad always does the Anvil in Taylor and this was his last year. SO we got up at 3 am, went to the fire station road on top of the truck and did the whole Taylor Celebration. I have so many memories growing up of the 4th of July in Taylor. Its not the 4th unless you have done the Anvil. Conner got to light it with the help of Grandpa Wood. Needless to say he was not yet impressed with the big boom! We had a big breakfast at the station and then went back to my moms to sleep! We enjoyed the day bouncing back and forth between families eating BBQ and then watching the fire works. Lighting the Anvil
Hunt Family waiting for fire works to start
Wood Family.
We haven't done a lot of camping this year and Devin has let me know! But we did manage a few days at Greens Peak. I love it up there! We had lots of fun riding 4 wheelers, eating, playing card (I still don't get how Clay and Deb always win when Clay doesn't even know how to play!?!) shooting, going for rides and just being lazy. After all isn't that what camping is about? My favorite meal out camping was the ribs. Clay and Devin dug a pit and cooked the ribs with all kinds of seasoning and fresh pineapple and who know what else! They were so good!Conner's favorite Thing.
Playing Frisbee
Justin, Bradley and Conner I have no idea what they were doing but they were having fun!
Devin Shooting.
The trips not over till we get our picture on the top of Greens Peak!
Kenzie made the all star team again this year and her team did awesome. They took 1st in their district. Then went to Tucson to compete in the state tournament and ended up in 3rd.
Kenzies Team
Lake Trip.
We finally made it to the lake this year. You would think with my parents owing a house 10 minutes from the lake we would be there all the time! I WISH! My whole family was able to make it down for a few days. It was Hot and the water was perfect. Devin had fun wake boarding and tubing with Conner. Conner didn't care for the tube at 1st but once he figured his life jacket out he loved it! The boat was his favorite.
Tubing with daddy

Loving life!
Conner with Cousins

Conner at Owens Pond.
Swim Lessons.
We put Conner in pre-school swim lessons this summer! I signed us up for the wrong time. SO for 2 weeks Conner and I were getting up and out the door really early! Conner was the youngest in his class and loved every minute of it! He got a little over confident one day and jumped off the step in 4 foot deep water. I saw him from the side lines but his teacher didn't. Conner was staying above water but not enough to keep air in him! I was about to jump in when the teacher saw him and put him back on the step! He looked terrified but was fine in less then a minute! On his last day he got his cert and a pop cycle. He is now trained to float on his back, kick and blow bubbles! Yeah!
Conner at Swim Lessons
his class
Conner and Chandler
I just thought this picture was cute!

24th Celebration.

Conner with Cousins
Happy Summer Everyone!


Amber & Glenn Lovelace said...

At least Im worse then you when it comes to updates. Where are all the other fantastic pics from the lake? That was so fun. Im working on another trip. Im waiting to hear back from Felicia. Can you go the 10-13? That would be of September. I decided you will be perfectly fine even though you will be practicly 9 months prego, you can just float your little self out on the lake for the 3 days and it will relieve some tremendous pressure, therefore you will not go into any kind of labor while you are there and plus Devin can deliver you if he had to. You talked about making babies one day at lake Powell, well here will be your chance! lol :) Love ya and I will be in touch with you.. by the way, what is this talk about not be in town labor day weekend? Where the heck are you going to be. I might be coming, you cant leave when I come. Thats nonsense!

Brette said...

How did I miss this post!?! Today was the first time I saw it. Good post! I suck at posting. I love the picture of Devin and Conner waving you off. He looks totally content to be left alone with his daddy. Anyway I dont think I get to go camping this weekend :( My boss needs a kick in the face for not letting me off. I'm keeping my fingers crossed though. Hopefully we'll be seeing you next weekend. If not, I guess we'll see ya eventually?

sheridan said...

Ohhh. Chandler and Conner are so cute together. They look like brother and sister...