Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Jeep

OK So this is Devin's new pride and joy! He has been after his dad for years and years to give him this jeep.... and now its his! As far as we know the story with the jeep started about 25 years ago or so. Devin's Grandpa, Lito gave it to Clay when he received his eagle scout when he was about 16. Devin and I have been together for 4 1/2 years and I have heard about this jeep monthly sometime weekly... so we are both happy that its now his! Devin's Grandma Wood told us this story on Sunday and informed Dev that he can't sell it, he must fix it and give it to Conner when he is 16. That was one of the stipulations Clay also gave Devin. So that is what Devin is planning. I have to tell you all that Devin has already got this thing running. Its amazing what a new battery, a little tinkering and GAS can do!We took it for a spin last night and had a lot of fun. The last time this jeep was driven was when Devin asked me to marry him. So we are looking forward to restoring the jeep and passing it down to Conner. Any donations will gladly be accepted!$!$! J/K

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Jacob & Stacy said...

OH what a cute story. Isn't it fun the sweet things we hold dear. I can't wait to see it when all his hard work is done.