Saturday, September 22, 2007

Happy Birthday DEVIN

Devin turned 24 on Sept. 10. He was Very spoiled this year! He got a new gun, a new camp trailer, a jeep wrangle and a trip to Hawaii!!!! Happy Birthday Dev! We love you


Brette said...

I still haven't ever seen your house since its been finished. I want to come check it out sometime. I'll email you the link where I got my background right now. I love Colorado. Its sooo stinken pretty there and I love Hawaii, even though i've never been. I've seen pictures and heard about it, and that by itself would make me want to live there.

Brette said...

I forgot he got the jeep for his birthday. I thought it was very cool of my parents to give him that, so that he and my dad could restore it. I think it will turn out really good. Hopefully they can get started on it, the sooner the better.