Sunday, September 23, 2007


Aloha. We just returned from the Beautiful islands of Hawaii. We were lucky to get to see two of the Islands, Oahu and Kaui. My favorite was Kaui. It is so laid back and relaxing I would move there in a heart beat. Everything is so green and thick! We took a helicopter ride over Kaui and there are so many waterfalls and huge green mountains, we saw the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. Its not as big as AZ Grand Canyon but I thought that it was more breath taking. In Kaui we spent most of our time on the beach, snorkeling, boogie boarding, sleeping and sun burning! Conner and I didn't get to burnt we spent most of the time under an umbrella. I have come to except that I don't tan unlike my dark sisters, I just burn! Devin loves to boogie board! Just loves it! It was cool the day we arrived "wave season" started, so needless to say Dev and Aaron spent most of the time "catching waves". We took a hike to Queens Bath and got attacked by mosquitoes but the view was worth it!
We also went to the "end of the road" on the north side and watched an awesome Hawaiian sunset. While we were on Oahu we did the whole tourist thing. You know where you drive around all smashed together in a van and getting lost! Well we did manage to finally find some of the tourist destinations. We went to Pearl Harbor, Diamond Head, The Polynesian Center, the Hawaii Temple (it is so pretty) and we saw the famous Waikiki Beach along with thousands of other people! One of our favorite things in Honolulu was the amazing $2.99 breakfast that my dad found for us! Thanks dad! Hawaii was a lot of fun and I can't wait to go back. Hope you enjoy the pictures! Mahalo

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