Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wood Family

Welcome to our family blog. We are new to the whole blogging thing, but I think that it is a wonderful way to keep up with family and friends. Devin and I have been married for 4 years and have an adorable 2 month old boy, named Conner.

As most of you know Devin and I have been building our house. It took us almost 2 years to finish it and move in. We are so happy to finally be out of our 20ft 5Th wheel. Living in such close quarters wasn't as bad as most would think! We really learned to work together and love each other so much more. Although I wouldn't be in any hurry to move back into it! I love our home.

Devin has been busier then every. He is working for Lakeside Fire Department and has been full time for the past 1 1/2 years. I love to tease him when he tells me he's headed to work, I laugh and say "don't you mean your headed off to hang out with your friends?" He loves his job. On his days off he works with GK Development and installs garage doors for himself in his spare time.. which isn't much! In January he was accepted into the Paramedic program. He has been working and studying so hard and is really do well in his class. He has finished most of his clinical hours. One of the things he had to do for his clinicals was deliever a baby. So he got to deliever Conner... with the Dr watching over his shoulder of course! He did a great Job. In the end of November he we be completely finished with the program. And we can't wait to have him back!

Conner was born on June 11 2007 weighing in at 7lbs. 10 oz and measuring 20.5 inches long. I thought that he was a big boy! He was born with a full head of blond hair and big beautiful blue eyes. Yep he looks just like his daddy! The first week that Conner was home I had him on the floor on his blanket on his tummy, I was in the kitchen making dinner. When I check up on him he was on his back. At first I was so excited and amazed at my little boy for rolling over, but then I thought theres no way Devin must be messing with me. But Conner did in fact roll himself over, about an hour later he did it again and we both got to see it! He is so strong and is always learning new things. We are so happy and in love with him. We're just not sure how we every lived with out him!

As for me, I am loving every minute of being a mom! He is so much fun. For such a little guy he sure takes up a lot of room. He has already established that he is the boss and that we run on his time schedule. I still work at Mountain Pediatrics when they need a fill in. Dr. T is such a wonderful person. He turned one of the exam rooms into a nursery so that I can take Conner with me. I am so lucky to have such a great employer and Doctor! I still love to scrapbook, read and take long naps in my spare time. I have almost taught Conner the beauty of sleeping in... Almost!

Everything is going well with our family and we are so grateful for everything that we have been blessed with and can't wait to see what the future will bring for our family. We hope that everything is well with all of you and we hope that more of you will start blogging so we can keep up with our family and friends!

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